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goa fortsThrough the Lanes of Goan History

Turn the pages of Portuguese history in Goa that is bestowed with some of their magnificent forts. As one decides to go beyond beaches, these Portuguese fortifications continue to fascinate through their structure and legends. Forts of Chapora, Corjuem Island, Reis Magos, Aguada, Terekhol, Cabo de Rama and many such are a necessary part of a historical Goa Tour.
Aguada FortAguada-Siolim Road, Sinquerim, Candolim Goa

Built by Portuguese, the majestic 17th century old Aguada fort stands as a symbol of Portuguese rule in Goa. Aguada meaning water got its name from the fresh water springs that surround this site. Formidable and impregnable, the crumbling ramparts of this fort continue to charm visitors with its architecture. From the top it offers panoramic ocean vista of the confluence of River Mandovi and Arabian Sea. Once a jail during Salazar administration, today it serves as the luxurious Taj Aguada hotel sprawling over an area of 88 sq km. While here, the four storied lighthouse built in 1864 is also worth a marvel. It is the oldest of its kind in Asia.

Timing: 9.30 am to 6.00 pm

Tiracol FortPernem Taluka, Tiracol

Witness to Goa’s struggle against Portuguese, this fort was built by a Sawantwadi ruler, Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsale. The name Tirakol was derived from the river Terekhol, one the northern tip of Goa. Tiracol did not see a Hindu rule for a very long time and was captured by Portuguese in 1746. It was later renovated as per Portuguese design. Inside the courtyard, they also built the Church of St. Anthony. The premises is more than 100 year old now and functions as a heritage hotel, hence can only be seen from outside. The church is not opened for public, but is allowed entrance during its annual feast in May.

Timing: 7:00 am - 6:30 pm

Chapora FortChapora, North Goa

Known for beautiful sunsets, this fort was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur in red laterite stone. About 22 km from Panaji, this structure was renovated by Portuguese in 1617. Though almost everything was changed, but the walls continue to house the Muslim tombstones. Of all the forts in Goa, Chapora continues to be a favourite haunt for visitors. Overlooking the Chapora River, it offers beautiful sunsets and is also a place preferred by the youngsters for some peaceful moments. Best time to visit this place is during the evening when the sky is painted in different colours. The fort was a major backdrop and shot into fame for the bollywood movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Timing: 24 hours open (Daytime is best for visit)

Reis Magos FortVerem, Bardez, Goa

Situated on the right bank of Mandovi River, this huge fort was built by Portuguese in 1551 to defend Goa against intruders. At the base of the fort there is a church and also a spring that used to serve as a water source for the fort and its inhabitants. During those times, this fort used to be the residence of the viceroys and later was used for defense purposes and also a jail.  One of the oldest forts of Goa, today, it is owned by Government of Goa and is listed under the Goa Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act. Since 5th of June 2012, the fort was opened for public viewing and inside is a museum with galleries for Freedom Fighters, Art, History & Restoration and Gun loops.

Timing: 9.30 am – 5 pm (Monday Closed)

Cabo de Rama FortTaluka Cabo da Rama, Canacona, Goa

As per legend, this fort was once used by Lord Rama, his wife Sita and brother Laxman, during their 14 year exile; hence the name. The massive fort on the southern coast of Goa was captured by the Portuguese and further additions were made, including a chapel.  Until 1955, the bastion also served as a prison. With a passage of time, the fort only has an old structure left with a front wall, dry moat, main gate and a small church which is still visited by Christianity followers. Towards the western side of the fortress, is a cliff facing the sea that gives a great view of both north and south. People stand here to witness soaring sea eagles, some monkeys and also clumps of vegetation.

Timing: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

Mormugao FortAlto Desterro, Mormugao, Goa

One of the most important fortresses built by the Portuguese; it used to protect the harbor of Mormugao. There were three magazines at the fort, 20 bulwarks, residential complex for the guards, a church and later 5 jails were added.  Today, the remains of these constructions are well-preserved. Tall and well preserved, this fort is a popular attraction of Goa with ample of scenic beauty. As it overlooks the Varca beach, one can stand here and marvel at the wooden fishing boats also the fishermen at work, which is a pleasing event. It is advisable to carry your own food and water as you go for a visit here, as one wishes to spend a long time here till sunset. 

Timing: 24 hours open (Daytime is best for visit)

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