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Fairs and Festivals of GoaCelebrate Goa..Live Life King Size!

Goa is a harmonious mix of various cultures that flow in the form of festivals in the entire state. They celebrate their religious beliefs in form of music, dance & food festivals that attract thousands of people from all over the world. Music is in the blood of every Goan and their heart beats with the rhythm of merriment. The happy-go-lucky state welcomes every guest with its dazzling celebrations and teach them how to live life king size!
Goa CarnivalPanjim, Mapusa, Margoa and Vasco Da Gama

Comes March and the entire state of Goa gets busy for the exhilarating carnival that brims with energy of love and pleasure. As the cheerful crowd loses itself in the vibe of the carnival, they witness a parade of beautiful floats accompanied by dancers and musicians. Goa Carnival is a Portuguese festival that was brought to Goa 500 years ago. Since then, this tradition has been kept alive by Goans in a legendary way, so much so that it has become synonymous to the state of Goa itself. Watch King Momo and his Queen Ride a float with dancers wearing red and black dresses. The sawdust fight is not to be missed.

Dates: February- March (dates might differ)

ChristmasAll over Goa

Goa is dotted with churches that are famous for their grand Christmas celebrations. The state has almost 400 churches and the main place to visit during this time is the Old Goa.  Goan streets during this time get an absolutely new makeover. People decorate their houses too and prepare for the midnight mass. Goa turns into a special place during this time and believers throng in Basilica of Bom Jesus to say their prayers. Entire locality is full of the aroma of delicious cakes and pudding that people prepare during this festival.

Dates: 25th December

Shigmo FestivalPonda, Mapusa, Panji, Margao, Pernem, Vasco,etc.

Just as the entire country celebrates Holi, Goa answers it with the vibrant Shigmotsava, or Shigmo. Just like the carnival, this Hindu festival has the legendary Shigmo parade on the streets. People wear colourful clothes and float parades are organised with music, dance and colours. The life of a Hindu Goan is beautifully portrayed with folk dances like Ghode Modni and Fugdi by locals. These huge parades with Divli dances in form of precessions pass through every major street. Shigmo is celebrated as a mark of respect for the brave soldiers who left their homes during the end of Dusshera and fought with the encroachers.

Dates: March (dates as per Holi celebration)

Sunburn FestivalCalangute Beach

A popular event in Goa, this musical extravaganza holds the breath of every tourist who comes to Goa from every part of the globe. The festival takes place between Christmas celebration and the New Year eve, and has a massive entertainment combined with electronic mix experience. Sunburn Festival has all the merrymaking ingredients that one would look for. There is intoxicated music, entertainment, food, shopping and world-class series of international performers. A wide range of Goan drinks introduce one the inherent culture party of Goa which will be a part of your memory for a very long time.

Dates: December end (dates will be announced)

Sao JoaoAll over Goa

Monsoons in Goa are celebrated in form of Sao Joao feast which is an occasion of grandeur and gaiety. It is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and celebrations have villagers jumping into the wells, streams and ponds. The joy during this act is similar to how St. John felt during the birth of Lord Jesus. Pool parties and private Sao Joao parties are common among Goans during this time. As a part of merriment, people wear crowns made of leaves and flowers called ‘Kopel’. The event is made magical with popular Goan music bands and dances alongwith special Goan delicacies.

Dates: 24th June

Goa Food & Cultural festivalBeaches of Goa

Just like beaches, Goan food too has earned reputation all over the country and abroad. An open invitation for every sea-food lover, this 5-day event is a showcase of Goan cuisine at its best. Every year, Goa hosts this cuisine festival that is attended by lakhs of people from all parts of the world. Whether a vegan or a non-vegan, exotic delicacies and sweets tickle every taste bud. Other fun activities include cooking competitions, music and dance performances that manage to keep the audiences entertained. This is a great time to taste the culinary of Goa, prepared by homemakers, restaurateurs and high-profile 5-star hotel chefs.

Dates: 9th - 13th February

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