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EXCURSIONS NEARBY GOAExploring beyond Beaches and Booze

Goa is all about snuggling in the arms of sun, sand and sea. A popular getaway among Indians and International tourists, Goa immediately transmits your brain to beautiful beaches, serene sunset and beautiful beaches. While Goa is mainly related to beaches and cocktails, there is more to this fun state. The nearby attractions of Goa are an amalgamation of hill stations, trekking spots, and wildlife sanctuaries. Popular places around Goa offer perfect getaway for vacationers and adventurers alike. Lets unveil some of the best nearby excursions of Goa.
Tarkarli Maharashtra

Tarkarli is renowned for its long and narrow stretch of beach, crystal clear water, white sand, and of course Singhudurg, Maharashtra’s famous sea fort. An ideal choice for a holiday weekend, this beautiful town takes you closer to nature. The pristine white beaches shrouded with suru trees are a perfect place to relax. Promising several natural wonders and marvels, a visit to Tarkarli will soothe your mind and calm your soul.

Distance from Goa– 70 km

Things to Do – Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Stay in Houseboat, and Parasailing


This culturally important town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra is another popular excursion nearby Goa. Soaked in the rich culture and tradition of the history, Malvan is renowned for the Sindhudurg Fort of Chatrapati Shivajiraje. Apart from sightseeing, the place is also famous for its mouth-watering Malvani sea food and sweets. Attracting a lot of tourists for its minimal human penetration, Malvan sees a hot and humid climate because of its proximity to the sea. The historical significance of Malvan invites tourists throughout the year, which has made this place well known for its religious ethnicity as well as fun activities.

Distance from Goa– 73 km

Things to Do – Scuba Diving, Visit to Spice Plantation, and sightseeing.

AmboliSindhudurg District, Maharashtra

Nestled in the Sahyadri Hills in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, Amboli is the last hill station of Maharashtra before the beaches of Goa begin. What makes this place an interesting choice of destination is that its relatively unexplored. Amboli receives the highest rainfalls in Maharashtra and thus remains pleasant all round the year. It attracts a lot of weekend visitors from Goa and Belgaum. The picturesque landscapes and lush greenery are heart captivating. The Amboli Falls located over here are worth visiting. Blooming with unusual and exotic fauna, a weekend trip to this silent, unpolluted hill station is a great plan for exploration and relaxing.

Distance from Goa – 55 km

Things to Do – Nature Sightseeing, Trekking, and Religious touring.


Devbagh is a beautiful blend of magnificent mountain ranges and crystal clear water. Blanketed with the lush green belt of casuarinas trees, Devbagh is an exotic island with all beautiful elements of nature clubbed together. Embrace the magnificence of nature of lose yourself in its enchanting ambience; this beach town will take you away from all your stress. Devbagh is a perfect destination for all kind of vacation makers oozing a rustic charm. The place is a blessing in disguise, and should not be missed.

Distance from Goa– 79 km

Things to Do – Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

SawantwadiKonkan, Maharashtra

This scenic town situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra is located on the National Highway (NH17) that connects Mumbai and Goa. The town acts as a popular stop for travellers commuting to Mumbai or Goa for refreshment and rest. Sawantwadi is the best place to experience natural aspects at their best. An evening walk alongside the scenic town of Sawantwadi is the best experience you can take with you for an everlasting imprint on your minds.

Distance from Goa– 45 km

Things to Do – Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.


Seeped rich in history, Karwar in Karnataka is a heaven for the shopaholics and nature admirers. Karwar is considered as the best destination near Goa.  As you enter Karwar, the sight of 2 beautiful islands in the sea gives the place a unique appeal. Karwar is a destination for those who wish to spend peaceful moments away from chaos. A visit to this place is like a therapy to mind, body and soul. The location of this landmark near to the tourist hub of Goa makes it one of the most visited places near the city by the travellers.

Distance from Goa – 83 km

Things to Do – Trekking, Kayaking, Cycling, Snorkeling, Dolphin Spotting, River Rafting, and Local Culinary Tour.


Mahabaleshwar is a hill town in the Western Ghats renowned for its beautiful rivers, magnificent cascades and majestic peaks. This breathtaking hill station is famed for its captivating beauty and magical strawberry farms. The city comprises of ancient temples, boarding schools, manicured lush green forests, waterfalls and valleys. The charming valleys and serene lakes of Mahabaleshwar wonderfully summarise the best of natural wonders.

Distance from Goa – 389.1 km

Things to Do –  Trekking, hiking, boating, birdwatching, rock climbing, and cave exploring.


Deriving its name from the five hills surrounding it, Panchgani is another popular place to visit near Goa. This beautiful hill station in Maharashtra is known for its scenic views. The picturesque backdrop of hills on one side and coastal plains on the other reflect an amazing view. Bound by captivating views and a perfect weather, Panchgani lets you experience the limitless wealth of nature. Famed as the “Mecca of Maharashtra”, it is one of the most visited tourist spots in the state.

Distance from Goa – 379.4 km

Things to Do – Boating, Explore tribal art, Paragliding, and Shopping Leather Products


Lonavala is another popular hill station close to Pune and Mumbai. Surrounded by abundance of waterfalls, lakes and hills around, Lonavala is visited by all kinds of travellers. As part of the Sahyadri Hills, this quaint little hill station offers bewitching experience of nature’s most gifted region. Lonavala is a must-visit if you admire nature and want a gateway to having a soulful weekend or a good trip. There is something for every kind of soul in Lonavala and here you can have the most memorable yet unique experiences.

Distance from Goa – 501.8 km

Things to Do – Camping, Trekking, Hot Air Balloon Ride, and Cave Excavation. 

Dudhsagar FallsGoa

This is said to be one of the highest waterfalls in India that attracts a steady inflow of visitors every year. A visit to Goa is incomplete without visiting this eye-pleasing waterfall. Dudh (milk) Sagar waterfall is a cascade of white water flowing from a peak and it looks magnificent when it falls on the rocks below. The waterfall is a pleasant exception from the beaches and party culture of Goa. It is definitely one of the most visited places nearby Goa.

Distance from Goa – 30km

Attractions – Sahyadri Spice Farm, Tambadi Surla Mahadev Temple, Mahadeva Temple.


Famed as a pilgrimage center, Gokarna attracts a massive crowd for its religious significance. This quaint little town is crowded by travellers from around the country, especially in the month of winter. The Mahabaleshwara Temple here has Lord Shiva as the principal deity. Gokarna in the local language means “the ear of a cow”, and legends reveal that Lord Shiva emerged from a cow’s ears. Gokarna is also famous for its beaches.

Distance from Goa – 166 Km

Attractions – Beach Trekking, Banana Boat Ride, Food Tour, Night Stroll, and Flea Market Shopping.

YellapurUttara Kannada district of Karnataka

The stunning natural beauty of Yellapur makes it one of the popular tourist excursions near Goa. The large expanse of plantations and two natural falls make this place a perfect attraction among the nature lovers. Yellapur is located on the state highway between Hubli and Karwar.

Distance from Goa 152 Km

Attractions – Satoddi Falls and Magod Falls are two beautiful places to visit in Yellapura.

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